Meet Jeff

IMG_2051Jeff started farming in 2009 as an apprentice at Mountain Bounty Farm in Nevada City, California. There he learned the ins and outs of being a small organic farmer: seeding in the greenhouse, planting in the fields, harvesting and washing produce, operating a tractor, and being in charge of the irrigation schedule. After Nevada City, Jeff moved to Watsonville, California where he worked at Live Earth Farm for the following two years. He continued to build his skills, working at a farmers market, managing farm animals, and growing cut flowers. In his second year there, Jeff and Anna created the Young Farmer Program where they leased an acre and a half from the owner and created their own mini operation. They grew for a farmers market in San Jose, started their own CSA, and sold to several wholesale accounts. After such a successful year, Jeff and Anna decided it was time to venture out and start their own farm business.

IMG_2751Meet Anna

Anna’s passion for farming began as a garden educator. She first got involved in 2009, after graduating college. She found a wonderful school garden position through Calypso Farm and Ecology Center in Fairbanks, Alaska. She worked at a middle school where she started a brand new vegetable garden as well as managed and taught a group of teenagers to maintain the garden and sell at an on-site farm stand. The following year, Anna moved to San Jose, California where she worked for Full Circle Farm as another garden educator. This farm model was different because the 11 acre farm was on school grounds, right next to the football and soccer fields. Anna worked with 6th and 7th graders every week, integrating the school garden into their curriculum (English, Science, Math, etc.). She also started a summer science camp for elementary school kids during the summer. As much as Anna loved garden education, she felt it was time to expand her skill set and learn more about farming. That is when she moved to Santa Cruz and worked with Jeff at Live Earth Farm.

IMG_0421Meet Max

Max is our beloved farm dog. He loves digging for the gophers that always seem to get away, chasing skunks and deer, following us back and forth from the fields, and of course eating any veggie scraps that come his way. He is the best companion anyone could ever ask for and because of that, you’ll probably see him in a lot of the photos we post.