The onions that we planted in October are really taking off. Look at those bulbs

It’s so wonderful to see the sugar snap peas flowering! It means we’ll be eating peas real soon



The potato spuds that we planted the end of April have already started bushing


The green beans too!















Carrot harvest! You never know what kind of carrot art you’re going to find when you dig them up

Our neighbors, Kianna and Taylah, love to munch on our carrots like little bunny rabbits





Saturday was the first Downtown Medford Growers and Crafters Market. It was a great turn out, we had so much fun!











Sunday we celebrated Mothers Day at Del Rio Vineyards and discovered this beautiful sign in their tasting room. Love it!

Mowing the hay! People have told us that this year was one of the earliest hay harvests ever
















After mowing the hay and letting it sit for a day to dry, Jeff raked it all into windrows, let it sit for another day to fully dry out, and then baled it as demonstrated in the picture above

Lots of hay. And lots of bales to be moved.












We stacked the hay bales on pallets so that it could be easily moved with the tractor

Jared and Jeff are unloading the hay bales so that we can cover them with a tarp when it rains















Things were a bit crazier than usual this week. On top of all of our regular farm tasks, we had to mow, rake, bale, and stack the hay before the dooming forecast of rain came. It was a lot to take on but man o man, ┬áit felt so good to get it all done. We definitely could not have done it without friends….thanks to Ian, Holly, Jared, and Luis for all their amazing help.