One of the greatest parts of farming is living in rhythm with the natural world. We wake with the sunrise and work ’til the sunset. Often times we are so busy with one project or another we don’t even realize it’s 7:00 or 8:00 pm because it’s so light out. But just like the plants, we get energized from the sun. Well, caffeine helps too 🙂

Big onion plant out! We start by loosening their roots, pulling them out of the box one by one, and then giving them a little root/hair cut to encourage new growth

Jeff and Kyle are planting onions, trying make sure the roots point down

Jeff and Kyle planted the onions while Anna got them ready. We ended up planting five different varieties plus leeks















12 boxes and 5,000 onion plants later, we are done!

Jeff is doing a trial with a few different varieties of hops. Kyle helped him build the huge 15-foot tall trellis

These worms are always fun to see. And we have lots of them! They always come out after we irrigate the fields.












Then planted the hops that we started in the greenhouse. They’ll be climbing up the trellis in no time

We finally planted in the hoop house! Anna is planting zucchini in this picture. But we also planted tomatoes and cucumbers and soon will be planting peppers, basil, and eggplant

And here are some turnips getting washed and prepped to go to market. These seem to be everyones favorite…..they’re so sweet and juicy, it’s hard to resist















We are in our second week of the Josephine County Fairgrounds Farmers Market. It feels so good to be harvesting. Here, Jeff is picking spring onions for the first time


Yup. That’s right ladies and gentlemen. We have begun harvesting the strawberries!